Prefixes (local domains) and actors

How local prefixes work

Domains are managed as URI prefixes in Vocata. As every object in ActivityPub has a unique ID, which maps directly to an HTTP URL, the server can determine the “domain” prefix by splitting the object ID after the hostname.

In order to properly implement ActivityPub as a global social graph, Vocata stores all known objects in its graph store, but it only allows local management of objects under known local prefixes.

Setting up a local prefix (domain)

In order to use a domain with Vocata, you need to declare it a local prefix:

# Declare a local prefix
vocatactl prefix set-local

From this point on, Vocata feels responsible for the prefix, and you can start using it.

# Create actor test under the domain,
# with display name "Test User"
vocatactl actor create "Test User"