Basic design

The social graph in Vocata

Assuming the graph structure of the Fediverse, Vocata uses rdflib to store its sub-graph. In contrast to other ActivityPub servers, it does not derive its own data structures from the objects it handles, but plainly processes the graph operations defined by the protocol to traverse and transform its sub-graph of the Fediverse.

Notable differences from other ActivityPub servers

Multi-domain / virtual hosting capability

Vocata can handle as many domains (URI prefixes) as you want, by simply making it reachable over HTTPS under the desired name (and flipping a safety seitch).

This results mostly from Vocata’s agnostic data structure – it simply handles a subgraph of the Fediverse, without any need to care about who authoritatively manages any part of it (if this sounds dangerous, read more in the security considerations).